Find out about joining Certas Energy as an independent retailer, get set for success with premium products and the backing of one of the world's most recognised brands - Gulf.


Marrying the powerful combination of world-class products and industry-leading customer support, Certas Energy is the sole licensee for the famous Gulf brand in the UK.


For over 80 years, the Gulf brand has been at the cutting edge of aviation fuel and lubrication technology, serving general aviation operators, the MOD and regional airports throughout the UK.

Gulf Retail

At Gulf Retail, we aim to do everything we can to make your life easier, customising a service package to meet your exact requirements.


Gulf Lubricants

At Gulf Lubricants UK, we understand that the effective maintenance of your vehicles, equipment and machinery is essential to the smooth running of your business.


Gulf Aviation

Gulf’s association with aviation dates back to an era when biplanes ruled the skies and Gulf’s aerobatic and record breaking feats thrilled audiences around the world.


Certas Energy is one of the UK’s largest independent fuel and lubricant distributors for one very good reason: we do everything possible to make life as easy as possible for our customers, whether they are domestic, commercial, agricultural or industrial.

We do so through a commitment to exceptional service at all times, creating customised solutions to match the unique needs of every customer.

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Discover more about the Gulf brand, from its involvement in the birth of the oil industry to how it revolutionised the world of fuels and lubricants.

Gulf Oils

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Local Winner of Gulf's National Forecourt Promotion

Gulf Car Winner

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