Aeroshell Lubricants

Aeroshell Lubricants

Gulf Aviation is an Authorised Distributor of AeroShell products.

The AeroShell product range is one the widest and most comprehensive in the aviation industry. AeroShell products are divided into four families:

Turbine Engine Oils – Mineral TEOs and Synthetic TEOs

AeroShell turbine engine oils are known for their outstanding quality and product performance. For example, AeroShell Ascender set a new performance benchmark for the latest generation turbine engines, delivering the optimum balance between low coking and elastomer compatibility. And AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 has offered proven performance for over 25 years, delivering the right balance of performance and cost efficiency.

Piston Engine Oils

FUNCTION OF PISTON ENGINE OIL A piston engine oil’s function inside a piston engine is to:

  • reduce friction between moving parts
  • provide necessary cooling to internal areas
  • cushion moving parts against shock and help seal piston rings to cylinder walls
  • protect highly finished internal parts of the engine from rust and corrosion
  • keep interior of engine clean and free of dirt, sludge, varnish and other harmful contaminants

The AeroShell range includes piston engine oils for a wide range of pilots and airline operators. AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 offers fast engine protection at cold start-up for performance in any climate, and AeroShell Oil W100 Plus is the best single-grade aviation piston engine oil available. Shell Aviation has worked closely with leading light engine manufacturer ROTAX® to create AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4, which is clean-burning and offers outstanding protection for reduced engine wear, improved performance and a more responsive light aircraft.


AeroShell Grease 33 covers over 95% of application points on a Boeing 737. It simplifies maintenance and reduces product-misapplication risk. AeroShell Grease 64 (formerly ASG 33MS) is designed to provide protection of heavily loaded sliding surfaces such as the bogie pivot pins on landing gear assemblages. As a multi-purpose helicopter grease, AeroShell Grease 14 offers outstanding fretting and corrosion protection.

Fluids – Hydraulic Fluids and Specialist Fluids

Shell offers a wide range of hydraulic fluids designed to protect aircraft hydraulic systems. These products include fire-resistant and super-clean fluids for enhanced reliability, extreme-pressure fluids designed to protect landing gear shock struts from wear, and specialist preserving fluids for hydraulic system components in storage. AeroShell specialty fluid offerings include high-quality preservative, calibration, de-icing and avionic cooling fluids as well as lubricating and gearbox oils.