Ian Stanley
Supply and Logistics Assistant at Gulf Aviation

Like a lot of little boys and girls growing up, I always wanted to be a pilot. I was fascinated by aeroplanes and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything but flying them.

Fast-forward to the present day, and I might not be flying the planes but I am looking after the fuel that keeps them in the air. It might not have the same glamour as being a pilot, but it’s an important job and it’s allowed me to stay involved in a sector that I have a long-standing affinity for.

I’ve actually been in the fuel sector for around five years and spent three years working as a commercial account manager for ground fuel at Certas Energy. For the past year though, I’ve been the supply and logistics assistant at Gulf Aviation. It’s a varied job in many ways, and takes a lot of planning, especially when you consider Certas Energy sells over 6 billion litres of fuel to customers every year.

I work in the Gulf Aviation team with Alex, David and Sam to ensure quality fuel is delivered on time and at a great price for our customers – both general aviation and commercial aviation customers. Working with my colleagues Sarah and Kasia, we’re always on hand to support our customers and suppliers, providing weekly and monthly pricing mechanisms and generally, helping to safeguard the strong reputation Gulf Aviation has for providing quality products and efficient delivery.

Working in the aviation team means there are a lot of legal and safety implications to consider and I’ve quickly built up an in-depth knowledge and technical understanding of the sector. Our customers expect nothing less, and as the relative ‘newbie’ in the team, I’ve had to work extra hard to make sure my knowledge is up there with the rest of the team!

In the past year, I’d like to think I’ve made good strides to becoming a ‘go-to’ person for any questions relating to aviation fuel, from both existing customers and prospective ones. I developed a good base level of understanding of fuel pricing from my time in the lubricants team and have managed to build on this over the past 12 months. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers and I’m lucky to be working with some great personalities that have plenty of great stories to share.

I’ve also developed a brilliant relationship with the Great War Display team – who we worked with last year and we’ll continue to support with engine and smoke oils in 2018. Their re-enactments of the Battle of Britain are truly spectacular and will begin in early spring 2018, which is great timing, as the 1st April 1st 2018 marks the 100-year anniversary since the formation of the RAF. Personally, I can’t wait to see their team flying the Gulf Aviation flag throughout the season and I plan to get along to one of the shows soon. Even though I won’t be flying the planes, I’ll take a lot of satisfaction from knowing that we’ve played a vital role in getting them in the air for everyone to see and admire.


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