Products & Services

Products & Services

Gulf Aviation provides a wide portfolio of fuels and lubricants for the aviation market. From premium aircraft fuels and ground fuels, to the latest turbine greases and engine oils, we offer a one-stop shop for all your airfield requirements.

Our fuel products include:

  • Jet A-1 (F35)
  • Jet A-1 with FSII de-icing additive (F34)
  • Jet A-1 + AL48 (anti icing additive)
  • Aviation Gasoline (Avgas 100LL)
  • Aviation Gasoline (Avgas UL91)
  • Specialised products, such as AVCAT and AVTAG
  • Ground fuels suitable for vehicles and on-site transportation
  • Aviation lubricants

Gulf Aviation provides the highest levels of service and support, supplying aviation products for a number of regional airports, supporting airlines and a host of operations in the general aviation market, from local authorities to flying schools and special services across the UK.

Utilising a dependable, dedicated haulier fleet, Gulf Aviation adheres to strict quality control procedures, ensuring the fuel we provide is delivered safely and complies with the latest industry specifications.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Aviation Gasoline
Jet Fuel

Aviation Lubricants

As an authorised distributor of Shell lubricants, a specialist in aviation products for over 100 years, we can also provide superior oils and greases. Our extensive range offers both aircraft and ground vehicle lubricants, including the latest generation of synthetic oils and specialist turbine and piston engine products.

To find out more about any of our world-class products or services, call Gulf Aviation on 0345 270 7240 or email us .

Gulf Aviation is an Authorised Distributor of AeroShell products.