Gulf has developed a wide range of lubricants for cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and small boats. Blended with our advanced additive technologies, every product is designed to enhance performance, reliability and longevity.

We have recently redeveloped the Gulf Formula family of high-performance, synthetic oils to meet the latest specifications. The range comes with approvals from a number of key OEMs, including Mercedes Benz.



Our Classic range is designed to meet the needs of classic car owners. Products are formulated to protect and lubricate older engines to ensure that the treasured vehicle continues to run as it should. We offer Gulf Classic 30, Gulf Classic 50 and Gulf Classic 20W-50, covering the majority of classic cars around the world.

Transmission Oils

Our high quality transmission fluid is designed for transmission and power steering applications in a wide range of vehicles. With enhanced wear protection and superior thermo-oxidative stability, it helps to extend the life of your fluid and your equipment, delivering excellent drivability and smooth performance.

Passenger Car Motor Oils (PCMO)

Whether you are a business delivering goods by road, or you are a car driver reliant on your vehicle to get from A to B, you want to be sure your vehicle will never let you down. We offer a range of engine oils to maximise your engine’s performance and deliver outstanding protection against wear.

Motorcycle Oils (MCO)

Whether motor cyclists are using their vehicle for the everyday commute or for long distance travel, Gulf lubricants can give them the confidence their vehicle is getting the best possible protection, and delivering excellent performance. We also offer a range of lubricants for touring and racing bikes, for every climate and every type of riding condition.

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