Gulf has a complete package of marine lubricant products to suit all vessel types, including 2- and 4-stroke, inboard, outboard, inboard/outboard, gasoline and diesel engines. Gulf understands the demands placed on your vessel and has the right lubricant for all your needs.

With a recently expanded and updated range, Gulf offers OEM-approved and certification-exceeding high-performance oils for all marine engine types. Gulf even offers a specially developed bio-degradable 2-stroke engine oil to greatly minimise water pollution and protect sensitive marine environments.

Engine Oils

Gulf has created a wide-ranging array of lubricants suitable for marine applications, formulated using high-quality base oil and the latest additive systems. Meeting the requirements of a wide variety of engine types and fuels, from standard gas oil through to high-sulphur residue fuel oil, the Gulfmar range of engine oils meets the increasing demands of marine engines and provides exceptional engine cleanliness and wear protection.

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