Over the past 12 months the Gulf network has grown to over 425 sites and the average annual volume of recent conversions is over 3 million litres. That said, small rural forecourts are the lifeblood of many outlying communities and Gulf’s continued commitment to them remains as strong as ever.

Pexall Service Station, situated on the A537 near Macclesfield, is a family-run business with a throughput of 900,000 litres. The forecourt recently converted from Power to Gulf as proprietor Keith Deaville looks to the future of a business that his father started over 50 years ago.

Keith has been involved in petrol retailing since the age of 18, and for the past 35 years has followed in his father’s footsteps by developing the business and establishing a reputation for excellent service amongst the people of Henbury and surrounding villages.

“As a small rural filling station that has experienced the impact of supermarket domination, it is an ongoing struggle to make a living from fuel,” says Keith. “Thankfully we also offer servicing, repairs and MOT’s, although we rely on fuel to attract motorists to our workshops.”

The spacious forecourt, equipped with four pumps and a large canopy, had previously been Total-supplied before moving to Power.

“Around the time of the move to Power, Certas Energy became our supplier and, whilst the Power brand may not have the kudos of Total, there was a noticeable improvement in the quality of service and support.”

“It felt like we had turned a full circle when our Certas Energy Area Manager offered us the opportunity to switch to Gulf,” continues Keith. “It means that we are back with a major brand and a much stronger corporate image. The site looks revitalised, our customers are happy and customer service remains good. It’s a positive move for the business; we have enjoyed some uplift in volume and now have the benefit of taking both Gulf and Shell cards.”

“That doesn’t mean that petrol retailing is any easier. It remains a tough business to make ends meet and requires us to put in the hours and go that extra mile for our customers.”

That’s something Pexall Service Station has been doing well for more than 50 years.


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