Gulf and AMR race to 2nd Place at Fuji!

The #98 AMR Vantage, lubricated and sponsored by Gulf, fought its way onto the podium at WEC, Fuji. After an exciting race that was dominated by varying weather conditions, #98 managed to come back from a lap down in order to gain a brilliant 2nd place.

Unfortunately this result comes as a bit bitter sweet to the team, as the car has been at the forefront of the category for the entire season, and until last week was at the top of the table. After a crash out at Le Mans the car lost its top spot, so even with this great comeback it is not the overall result the team was hoping for. Aston Martin Racing MD John Gaw stated that ‘the result so far is much less than the team deserves’- let’s hope in the upcoming races they can make a comeback!

Go AMR Gulf!

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