About Certas Energy

About Certas Energy

Certas Energy, the largest independent distributor of fuels and lubricants, licence the Gulf brand in the UK for Gulf Lubricants and Gulf Retail.

Whether you are a homeowner or the head of a multinational corporation, you can rely on Certas Energy to meet your needs. Naturally that means always providing you with high quality products at competitive prices, together with reliable service from our 1,000-strong fleet of tankers, which are driven by a team of dedicated and health and safety-compliant drivers.

Above all, we appreciate that every customer’s needs are different. That’s why we are always happy to tailor our service to meet your individual requirements, ensuring that we do whatever it takes to make your life easier.

So whether you need fuel at home, or to keep the wheels of commerce turning, feel free to get in touch with our dedicated sales team, or simply look around the site to find out more about us.

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Welcome to one of the UK’s largest fuel and lubricant suppliers.

Every fuel supplier likes to talk about service and reliability. However, we believe that it’s our unmatched resources – together with our ‘can do’ attitude – that enables us to make life easier for our customers, and to stay at the forefront of fuel and lubricant supply in the UK.

A national network puts us closer to your needs

It goes without saying that geographic location and the size of an operation counts for a lot when you need a reliable supplier. We offer you more than 1,000 tankers operating out of 150 depots nationwide, which enables us to deliver more than 6 billion litres of fuel to over 500,000 customers a year.

Just as importantly, we source our fuel and lubricants from all of the major UK refiners: so even when a fuel crisis strikes, we are ideally placed to ensure a continuous supply as well as the most competitive prices.

Experience and expertise that’s at your disposal

We never forget that we are here to provide an essential service, whether you need oil to heat your home or fuel to power your business. So in addition to promising you a reliable service, we also put all of our expertise at your disposal.

That means when you talk to any member of the Certas Energy Team, you can be assured of expert advice and assistance. You can also expect to receive service that is designed around your needs, whether it is a simple matter of scheduling heating oil deliveries to your home, or advising on the specialist needs of a construction site.

A commitment to sustainable practices

Energy efficiency is important to us all, so we devote a lot of time and effort to minimising the environmental impact of our activities by maximising our overall efficiency. We do this in a number of ways, from using state-of-the-art tanker routing systems that reduce the road miles we cover, to utilising automated top-up services, metered deliveries and multi-compartment vehicles.

Our range of fuels also includes an ever-increasing range of sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional fuels, including sustainable heating fuels, low-sulphur dyed and FAME-free gas oil, biofuel blends and AdBlue products.