Premium fuels with characteristics designed to improve performance

Gulf Endurance 102 racing Fuel
This is a road-legal, specially blended, higher octane racing formula in daily use at Silverstone Circuit. Owners of high performance cars and bikes – where compressions and temperatures are greater – will appreciate the gains achievable by pushing the ride to its performance limits. In general terms, higher octane fuels deliver better throttle response and a cleaner burn although the overall benefits of using Gulf 102 Racing will be influenced by your vehicle type, the way you drive it, and what sort of journeys you undertake.

Gulf Endurance 99 track Unleaded
Extensively used as a track fuel at Silverstone Circuit, this higher octane unleaded is designed for quality and performance, reducing engine knock by burning with greater efficiency than standard fuels. This should also mean better throttle response for vehicle with high performance engines.

Gulf Endurance Diesel
Gulf Endurance is a premium diesel product enhanced with a performance additive package that is designed to improve engine cleanliness, increase efficiency and lower fuel consumption. Since diesel works with compression instead of a flame or spark, it is most effective when it ignites as quickly as possible. In general terms, the higher the cetane number, the shorter the ignition delay, enabling the diesel to burn more completely. This allows the vehicle’s engine to run more smoothly, enhancing performance and producing fewer emissions.
Using Gulf Endurance Diesel in preference to standard pump diesel should lead to cleaner injectors and enhanced engine life. The overall benefits will of course be influenced by your engine type, the way you drive and what sort of journeys you make.

– Improve engineer cleanliness
– Increase efficiency
– Lower fuel consumption
– Increased smooth run engine