Become A Gulf Retailer

Become A Gulf Retailer

Join the Brand of Champions

Present in over 100 countries, Gulf is a truly global brand, recognised for its technical excellence across the world. From its 40-year pedigree at Le Mans with marques such as Porsche, McLaren and Aston Martin, to its current sponsorship in World Superbikes and official partnership with Manchester United; the brand represents Passion, Quality and Endurance for motorists young and old.

Why are dealers across the UK joining the Gulf Brand in larger numbers than ever before?

Trust and transparency
Starting with the fuel agreement and extending across everything that we do, backed by a dedicated area manager who is empowered to make decisions on your behalf.

Driving down costs
Our credit/debit and polling package offers the best value of any fuel supplier and we’ve used our size and scale to reduce the cost of third party industry expertise for every Gulf site.

Driving up sales
Gulf Dealers benefit from our industry-leading cross acceptance agreement with BP and Shell Fuel Cards, high margin premium fuel grades and volume-boosting tactical forecourt promotions.

Watching your back
We will automatically enrol you into the PRA, lobby Government on your behalf and fight your corner in everything we do – our reputation as a Dealer champion is based upon actions, not words.

Flexible and competitive deals

Industry leading packages specific to your needs with local price support to protect and grow your business; as the only nationwide supplier to the independent, we understand your market like no other.

If you would like to talk to Certas Energy about joining Gulf, the UK’s fastest growing forecourt brand, please contact us on 0345 456 6300 or via email