We’re delighted to announce that Gulf Aviation has become an authorised supplier of Aeroshell products as part of our strategy to become the UK air industry’s ‘one-stop-shop’ for fuels and lubricants

As Alex said some time ago, at Gulf Aviation we’re aiming to become the nation’s most trusted fuel and lubricants partner, and this week we took another very important step on our journey.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve signed a new partnership with Shell to provide Aeroshell products to the UK aviation industry.

If you run an MRO, own a plane, operate an airline or airfield or run a flight training school then Alex, the team and I at Gulf Aviation want to become your preferred partner for fuel and lubricant products.

For many, we already are.

And for a growing number more…..Well, let’s hold that thought for now as we’ve got a lot more exciting news about new customer wins and growth plans to share soon. Watch this space!

But, put simply, we want to become the aviation industry’s one-stop-shop for keeping engines running and airplanes flying.

And we’ll get there with deals like the one we’ve announced with Shell.

Our customers need us to grease the wheels

As I say, the more relationships we’re building – and the more deals we’re signing – with commercial airlines, regional airports and general aviation operators across the UK, the more obvious it is to us that they are all searching for quality, simplicity andvalue when it comes to the purchase and supply of fuel and lubricants.

But what’s interesting is that – when it comes to lubricants – many of them are only getting one or two of these.

They may be getting value, but find it difficult to get regular supplies or are opting for lower grade products. For others who won’t compromise on quality, then the costs can often be prohibitive.

So, we’ve set about shaking up the market. And this time it’s through this deal with Shell to become an authorised Aeroshell lubricants supplier to the UK aviation industry.

It’s a big deal for us, because we know it’s a good deal for our customers and prospects. And here’s why.

Coming out of our Shell

When it comes to lubricants for aviation, there’s some strong competition, but Shell are regarded by many as the world’s number one lubricant product for quality.

When we set about looking for a lubricants partner that could match our commitment to premium service, Shell was the obvious choice. We’re delighted that they share the same passion and commitment to quality as we do.

The turbine oils, piston engine oils and greases they produce are premium grade quality and there’s a whole host of scientific basis for that which I’ll let some of their own scientists explain!

For many pilots, Aeroshell is their only choice as, although sometimes a higher upfront costs against other options, the oils are better quality and need changing less, so in fact are often more cost effective.

For engine manufacturers, Aeroshell is an important component for testing and for retaining the ongoing quality of the engines they build and sell.

The range is also vast compared to the competition. In fact, I’d argue there’s no competition when it comes to the range of products Aeroshell offer in the UK market. Specific grades are available for certain types of engines or aircraft; others are available to suit flight conditions. To make this simple, we’ve got all the information you may need on our website here.

Or feel free to have a chat with our resident lubricants specialist Ian Stanley anytime!

A trusted partner and one-stop-shop

When you combine our new Aeroshell lubricant offer with everything else we provide then you can see how we’re becoming not only a trusted partner to more and more aviation organisations, but also how we’re making things simpler, providing high quality products and services, and offering better value.

We price to win our fuel supply business and, by doing so, we are earning the faith of more customers.

Now you can add lubricants to that.

We are relentless about our focus on customer service and customer care to make things simple and efficient for customers who need us to be just that. Anyone buying our lubricants will get that same commitment.

And now we have both premium fuels and lubricants – and channels to get them to our customers through our unrivalled national distribution network.

Quality, simplicity and value. Just what our customers want.