Letterston Filling Station in Pembrokeshire, Wales has been named as the cheapest petrol station in the UK

Petrol pricing figures provided by database website petrolprices.com reveal the average price, the cheapest price and the most expensive price of petrol in different parts of the UK.

Due to the current price of oil, petrol prices at the start of 2016 are significantly cheaper than they were at the start of 2015 with the average litre of unleaded petrol costing 5.2 per cent less this year compared to last.

Across the 8,490 petrol stations in the country the average price per litre for unleaded petrol on 17 February was 101.9 pence, but the cost of a litre of unleaded petrol at Letterson Filling Station was 96.7 pence.  As the UK’s cheapest petrol station, fuelling up here works out more than 60p cheaper per litre than the most expensive which is an unnamed petrol station located in London.

If your fuel tank holds 70 litres of petrol, swapping the priciest petrol for the cheapest would save you £47.74!

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